Are you looking forward to gaining thousands of audience or new visitors to your website? Getting website traffic is not so easy process especially when it is done free cost solely depending on the long term traffic sources like the Search engine optimization like Google search that proves to be a great source for generating traffic. The Search Engine Process (SEO) consumes a lot of time but with the help of few website traffic sources, you will be able to get to your goal point faster and effectively. Most of you know the huge impact of generating traffic towards your website but lack the precise knowledge on how to carry it out efficiently with pocket-friendly tips and tricks. This article elaborates on the importance of quality web traffic and how much traffic is essential for your content. Keep reading to know more about driving traffic to your websites for being on the top-ranked sites and post-updating measures to maintain a consistency of audience viewing your content.


Our minds are always inclined to get things for free and the same works with driving the audience to your website. Most start-up companies or brands opt for free ways to get more visitors to their websites for increased customers and boost sales. Here are few steps followed by top SEO companies to maximize your website exposure to your target audience for better website traffic analysis:

Higher Ranking with Viral Content

Are you still worried or devastated about spending too much time and dedication for creating content or articles and ending up with no readers or viewers? If you want more audience to click or share your articles virally, then you need to take up specific steps and strategies to consistently rank on Google. Writing content related to the most searched topic on Google captivates more audience by making your content viral. Getting too many likes or shares on social media platforms does not drive heavy traffic to your website or make your content viral but the amount of time they spend on your website does cause an impact. Ensure your content is engaging for your target audience to keep them reading with fascinating titles like “ten effortless ways for losing weight” or “Five shocking tips for flawless skin” and so on. An appropriate conclusion is necessary for every content as some readers directly scroll down to quickly summarise the content.

Keyword Search Tools

To get connected to your target audience or for making it possible for people to find your page through search engines, keywords are very essential for bonding your customers with your business. Keyword research is a very important process for summarising the content of the page with the help of the associated key terms for the audience to find the searched page on your website. They are also known as Key phrases if there are multiple words. Keywords should not be too complex and should set by thinking from the audience’s perspective by knowing the words they use while searching specific content or products. Keywords help to reflect with what’s on your page but multiple usages of keywords which are known as keyword stuffing can cause you to lose your potential customers as Google may not be able to recognize your content. Try to keep your keywords balanced throughout the content by not using them only in the initial paragraph. You can put the keywords on the page title, first paragraph, sub-headings, and last but not least on your meta-description too.

Social Media Influence

Social media may not directly contribute to ranking top on SEO but the links you share across the platform encourages your followers to get an insight into the brand’s link or to optimize its social media pages for better exposure. Keep reading to find out the strategies and tips for driving traffic to your website through online media platforms:

Facebook groups are very familiar to us and are the first traffic source to achieve free website traffic. You can build and bring your target audience together under the shade. Influencers also can play a key role in creating awareness about various Facebook groups.

Medium articles contain a great SEO perspective. Most of the writers or bloggers own a medium account but most of them are not sure about the positive impact of Medium on SEO. Medium has the highest domain authority and creates a huge drive for website trafficking with unlocked blog posts and external linking. You can take up the advantage of reposting your blog for your company by adding “Rel=noncanonical” to avoid duplication of the content.

Quora which is one of the top websites is the next easy traffic achieving source where people interact with different questions and getting answers on almost every topic under the sun due to which Quora gets maximum free website traffic through Google

YouTube that is owned by Google is the leading platform for creating content for video marketing. You can rank #1 by creating appealing videos on YouTube with the maximum audience and take advantage of this scenario by adding your website link in the description box for driving free traffic to the website

Backlink building

Backlinks or inbound or incoming links are used to link different websites for helping the search engines to identify the specific page that should be ranked higher for a provided query. This method helps to gain more visitors by one website backing up for another one by discovering your website pages quicker.

Landing Pages

Landing page creation needs to consider your content for appropriate marketing along with the technical setup of your page with an improved time buffer. Ensure to have a unique value proposition to captivate and convert readers and keeping the content simple and quality landing pages for answering the queries of your target audience or else you can end up losing your target audience. Try to create explanatory and engaging short videos as everyone may not be interested in reading.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords or phrases helps to give the audience what they want with more specific query with less competition from mega publications and organizations. They are browsed on the web in a low search volume by individual audiences but in huge demand with the overall audience. Ensure to select the largest-total traffic-driving long-tail keywords while preparing content or writing blogs. However, not all content with too many long-term keywords can necessarily achieve a high search volume on the web. Too many identical long-term keywords throughout the produced content result in keyword cannibalization that results in driving less traffic that leads to result in lowering your ranking when compared to the pages with similar keywords.


Hashtags or the pound sign are one of the organic ways to create huge traffic on websites by classifying or categorizing your content by helping to discover different topics easily. Searching any terms using hashtags helps you to find content based on your needs in a segregated way. By using significant hashtags for your service, products, or content, they are more likely to appear on top of the search results by helping the audience to filter the information.


Guest blogging is considerably more important for B2B than B2C. You can boost the number of visitors on your site by consistent blogging method by controlling your target audience and eventually converting them to your customer. But sometimes you may not be able to blog twice or thrice a week, in this case, you can opt for guest posting by blogging on someone else’s blog and not yours. Through guest blogging, you can benefit by getting an external backlink in return for you to achieve a wide exposure by gradually appearing on top of the search engine.

Email Marketing

Outreach is an unconditional necessity to flourish in marketing. For outreaching through emails comprehensively you need to send in a good pitch to the right person by ensuring if it is the right email and regular follow-up sequence. Always keep in mind to not send the common generic email to every company or person by avoiding cliché content. Instead of bombarding every person with the same mail, you can find the right person with a huge audience and online presence to help you attain your target goals by offering them something unique.


Bounce rates are statistical figures that help you to determine the ranking of your site. It refers to the number of people leaving your website right away after they visit the site. There are several ways to reduce the bounce rates for your content page. Take a glance at the key tips for gaining retention of the audience to your site:

  • Make sure your website is compatible with all types of devices like tabs, laptops, and smartphones, and desktops. With the up-gradation of smartphones, internet users tend to spend more time using mobile phones rather than desktops, so make sure to create a mobile-friendly website for handier usage.
  • Checking upon readability is very important for your audience to read the content with moderately large texts especially for mobile users
  • Stay away from keeping your website too crowded with too many side-bar elements for decreasing the bounce rate.
  • Adding aesthetically appealing images and informative short videos for keeping your readers entertained throughout
  • Improve buffering time with effective websites by not wasting and valuing your audience’s time, thereby making them stay on your website to reduce bounce rates.


For reliable and qualified search traffic rates, discovering various strategies for generating traffic to your website is not just enough, you need to maintain the consistency of keeping up the ranking on Search Engine Optimisation. You need to keep surfing to identify the low-key content by improving and republishing it for increased page views per day.