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The Story of Ravi’s Dental Clinic Website

Dr. Konagala Ravi Kumar is a renowned dental practitioner in Visakhapatnam. Through his clinic Ravi’s Dental care and Implant Centre, he has been helping people of Visakhapatnam smile confidently for years. He approached Techpullers to design his website and optimize it with SEO so that he can reach more people in Vizag. We created him and his team a local SEO-powered website that helped his dental services get more visibility and reach. We added features like blogs and integrated social media so that they can add fresh content, engage users and stay relevant. We worked with Ravi’s Dental team to create a responsive website with an impressive UI and established their online presence with a competitive edge using SEO. Through local SEO, social media engagement, and blogging, Ravi’s Dental Clinic ensures drive more conversions and revenue. With our website development and SEO team, Ravi’s Dental stays miles ahead of its competitors and is growing online every day.

Key Design Considerations

Dr. Ravi Kumar had a clear idea of what he wanted exactly on his website and communicated with our team. He specified his requirements in our discussions and we created multiple prototypes that answered all of his needs. Their team chose the prototype that they liked most and which we developed into an impressive website.

User Interface

Ravi’s Dental required an easy-to-use website where the users could find his services on the page easily. We created a simple and user-friendly design with bold colors that complemented the white background and theme.

Page Speed

Fast loading pages is an inherent design consideration when it comes to designing optimized websites that deliver the most. It enhances the user experience and provides frictionless transitions from one page to another.

Local SEO

One specific requirement from the client was to focus on SEO. He wanted the website to be optimized so that more people can find his clinic online. Our SEO team collaborated with the website design team to optimize the website for local search.

Visual Design

Our Designer created a stunning, flawless & innovative design for Ravi’s Dental Clinic. Our clients were happy with the functional and aesthetic features of the website.

Home Page

A simple and feel-good design with easy navigational features. Users can find any service or details from the home page itself. Easily accessible features from the menu bar on top to footer.

About Us Page

It provides details on everything users might want to know about Ravi’s Dental clinic, its vision, mission, and treatments provided.

Mega Menu

The Mega menu for Treatments offered on the navigation bar offers a drop-down list of services provided by Ravi’s Dental clinic. Users can click on anytreatment they need to know more about them.

Service Pages

Every service page offers a detailed description of each dental treatment and the procedure. This helps users understand more about the treatmentsthey are getting.

Our Team Page

This includes the details and qualifications of the staff of Ravi’s Dental clinics. These details help to gain the trust of the users.

Facilities Page

The facilities page lists the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that theclinic provides. This allows users to understand what makes them differentfrom other dental clinics.

Contact Form

Users can click on the book an appointment button which opens the pop-upcontact form and fill it up to book an appointment any time.

Contact Details and Navigation

The contact us page offers the emergency contact phone numbers, mail Ids, map, and address to locate and reach the clinic.

Patient Safety Page

The patient safety page lists the safety measures, precautions, and patient care provided at the dental clinic. This helps users to know how customer-centric the staff at Ravi’s clinic is.

Blog Page

The blog page allows posting regular and relevant content on dental care that can engage users and prompt them to visit the site regularly. This helps in increasing the customer base and search rankings.

Custom Features

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