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A bunch of enthusiastic & creative minds.

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Nithin Mathew

HR & Operations

Perky and pragmatic in his appeal, Nithin is always seen around in every area of office management. He is quite professional and utilitarian with his approach to his team-mates making him everybody’s go-to-go person.

Jefin Winston

WordPress Developer

With his dynamic nature and affirmative vibes, Jefin makes the workplace more engaging for people around him. He is extremely patient and stabilized when it comes to his work, making him the right one to fix all those bugs in your websites.

Tony Thomas

SEO Analyst

Calm and robust in Nature, Tony is accurate and punctual when it comes to cracking the SEO trends and strategies. He motivates his co-workers to keep their spirits high as well as revises tactics that can hit the right SEO chords.

Bivin Vijayan

UI / UX designer

Aesthetic in his ideas and vivid in his imagination, Bivin is the perfect one to design and visualize the bubbling creativity and imagination into classic creatives. He is quite a pro when it comes to illustrating concepts into reality.

Vishnu Peethambaran

Digital Marketing Analyst

Avid learner and perfectionist, Vishnu is well aware of the expanding spheres of the digital world. He is quite organized with maintaining the aura of group dynamics surrounding him.

Gargi V Nair

Content Writer

Bright and Wholehearted, Gargi is someone who is as keen as mustard who always sticks to the idea of perfection in terms of her work. She displays a great spirit in rediscovering her skills to mark her achievements to the point.

Shabina Ibrahim


Diligent and Cordial, Shabina is that warm and sound person in every workplace. She displays her very best in her activities and her energy levels are never down when it comes to learning new marketing trends and SEO strategies.

Rijula James


Keen and enthusiastic, Rijula is always consistent in putting her energy and commitment towards her work. She always looks for resources that can polish her skills and improve her accomplishments.  

Aparna Jayan

Content Specialist

Cool as a cucumber, Aparna loves to challenge her limits in work. She adds her special touch to everything she writes and never compromises in quality. She inspires us with her pragmatic attitude and, her calm, composed, and cheerful demeanor always lightens up the room

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