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Project Overview:

Before partnering with Techpullers, Fotis International (Fotislaw) attempted to build its online presence through digital marketing to rank high and it’s Brand awareness among online searchers. But that didn’t go well as there was a lack of technical knowledge and the right internet marketing skills. Then they approached Techpullers through Google search and we detailed to them certain effective strategies that could work for Law firms.

Their target keywords for which they want to rank were some of the high volumes like 2900 searches per month. And so it was not a very simple task, but with the right marketing strategies, things will come along the way. In a month of 3 months, we revamp their whole website from scratch and implemented the right SEO strategies which were required then.

Keywords such as “Lawyers in Dubai” for which they were ranked 89th gradually showed improvement. Changes were also made for other targeting keywords too.

Traffic Improvement

Along with ranking the number of users, their engagement time and traffic also got improved. And this will improve further with the right strategies. We keep it clear with clients always that SEO is not overnight works it has to be strategically implemented in order to meet clients Business goals.

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