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Another Step ahead in Online Success Journey with an Optimized Mobile Application

The Story of Alsirhan Mobile App

Alsirhan is a major footwear and apparel store network in Kuwait that took on the digital journey with Techpullers. Alsirhan had a fully functional and responsive eCommerce website that we created for them which established them online. They came to us looking for a mobile application in addition to their website that helps them manage their operations and stocks at their different stores across Kuwait. They have collect from store options for stores in Salmiya(Opp to Salam Mall) Faheel(Al Dabboos St) Muthanna(Muthanna Complex) on their eCommerce website. Creating an app was a major step for them to establish themselves as a brand and to provide a more personalized purchase experience to their customers. We created Alsirhan a cross-platform compatible, unique, and customized mobile app that provided a superior user experience and faster conversions. We designed and developed the app such that our clients are able to manage the operations easily from their end. They can customize banners and other features, add products, update stock, provide offers, use analytics, and conduct sales on their own. Working together with Alsirhan, we helped them take the next step towards growth and creating a loyal customer base with a sleek mobile app.

Providing A Premium User Experience With An Optimized Mobile Application

Alsirhan wanted a simple and flexible mobile app and shared their business goals with us. With these insights, we designed a prototype that provides a solution to all their requirements. Once the design was approved we translated it into an application that satisfied our clients and their customers alike.

Key Considerations

When it comes to creating a mobile application, user experience, and easy accessibility takes the first priority. It should have a great UI, easy-to-use features, and whatever the customers expect to find in an online shopping app.

User Experiance

We designed a simple and captivating user interface for Alsirhan. Customers can get to orders, wishlist, cart, and profile with a single click. User feedback, push notifications, remarketing, discounts, coupons also can engage customers.


Security is an important concern as user data, privacy, and proper authentication should be ensured. We ensure that the application is secure and safe for users and user data is protected.


Mobile applications make buying easier and faster. Speed translates to high performance. We make sure that every page loads fast and is optimized for mobile.
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Visual Design

Our team created an interactive and engaging mobile app with bold colors that attract users and which are easy to use for Alsirhan.

Home Page

A fast-loading home page that includes the latest promotional offers, popular products, customer assistance features, navigational pointers.

Language and Translation

As part of providing optimal user experience, we provide RTL support so that customers can use the application in Arabic and English based on their preferences.

Category Pages

The products are primarily categorized into the Men, Women, and Kids sections. Customers can choose any product category with a single touch.

Search Options

Users can find exactly what they are looking for using the advanced search options and also filter the results according to brands, colors, and price.

Product Description Pages

A product description includes detailed features of the product with quality images, price, size guides, color variants, discounts, user reviews, and ratings. It gives a complete idea of the product and also shows similar products that users might be interested in.

Shopping Cart

Enable faster and easier checkout for users. A single-page shopping cart makes buying easier for customers. Coupons and discounts can be provided at the time of checkout to ensure purchase.

Order Details Page

Once the purchase is made, the order details are shown to customers and also prompt them to take more action.

User Profile

Users can easily create a profile and sign up fast with the icon on the home page. This allows Alsirhan to provide personalized services to every customer. Customers can make use of loyalty points, vouchers, and discounts. App also provides secure and fast log-in for existing customers.

Side Menu

The side menu offers a one-place access dashboard for all activities in the app.

Brand Pages

The products of each brand are listed separately and are shown according to their popularity.

Product Listing Pages

On the product listing page, the products are shown based on a search, category, or filters. It is designed to refresh and show new products every time user scrolls down to the end of the page.

Wish List

A wish list that allows users to add products that they like but do not want to buy at the time. This allows remarketing and provides personalized services to customers.

Payment Process

The payment process is easy and fast with options for both online and COD. We have integrated a fast-processing gateway with multiple payment channels. Users can also collect the product directly from the store after making the payment online

Shipping Information and Tracking Orders

Provides order and shipping details by integrating logistics and timely updates.

Custom Features

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