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Perfect to started with a basci style




Perfect to started with a basci style



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Speed Boosted Sites

Best Quality Hosting with unbeatable speed in terms of performance and loading time.

Comprehensive Control

You get complete access to your CPanel and Dashboard undisturbed and assured.

Guaranteed Security

Complete protection and Full-proof security with the added benefit of Free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate.

Assured Assistance

Our working hours are never in conflict with serving you and your sites are monitored 24*7.

Free 1-Click Scripts Install

Install WordPress plugins, Help Desk, forums and many other aps with a single click.

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Why Techpullers as your Hosting Partner?

Wonder what makes us your Go-to-go Shared Hosting Partner!

Standing By Your Side in Progress

For years, we have been in the league as that helping hand for people around the globe in making their ideas into reality. Be it bloggers, entrepreneurs, potential techies, bubbling realtors, and so on. We have been consistent in assisting them as partners as they climb their ladder of success. This has embarked our name as a trustworthy and assuring Shared Hosting Partner.

Making your Path a bit more Convenient

We provide customized tailored services and plans according to your expectations and visions. We make sure that this journey is always fair and reasonable for you in terms of costs. No matter how affordable our plans are, we never compromise on our standards of service quality. Your servers will always run perfectly and Team Techpullers will always have their back.

We Work to Transform and Revamp

If you are in the transition process of shifting from an existing web host, fret not. Our team will work towards providing you everything that can ensure hassle-free migrations and transfer. Our migration services are more complementary in nature and you will witness how efficient and fast we are with the proceedings.

What’s In-Store?

Discover the range of benefits you enjoy with us.

Backup & Restoration in no time

Omnipresent Client Assistance

Hassle-free Transfer and Migration

Conveniently Manage cPanel

Easy Tracking Up your Progress

Enhanced Security and Safety

Premium Level Performance

Our services are always client-oriented and primarily focused on delivering them cutting-edge solutions. Our management interface is designed in a way that is extremely convenient as easy to use. This is powered and backed up by cPanel. With this, you get complete access and control over several aspects like domain names, adding or removing mail addresses, MySQL database,s and so on.

Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate

The safety and security of your website are of prior concern to us as your shared hosting partner. We make sure to keep your online security and reputation regarding the same intact. The role SSL certificate plays in developing trust factor among visitors is huge. Therefore, our hosting plans are equipped with the added benefit of an SSL certificate free of additional charges.

Never Lose Track of Your Progress

With Techpullers as your Shared Hosting partner, you do not have to worry about losing track of your works and updates. Even though your account is cloud-based, we do provide you with a system of backup. These are stored off-server and you can always revert or access them easily without any hurdle.

Our Happy Clientele Fuels our Growth

Techpullers are definitely my most trusted partner in web hosting. Working with them is so convenient and they are so flexible in terms of plans.

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These people actually got me surprised. They charge you just reasonably and the service quality is impeccable. Best Hosting Company.

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My IP Addressed was always getting blocked back in the day, but ever since these people started working with me, touch wood, everything is so smooth and convenient.

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I have been working with another Web Hosting Company for 14 years and I was worried about the whole migration process. Techpullers did a marvelous job in there.

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