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what makes a good landing page for your business?

A landing page is a web page designed to prompt a visitor to take one, usually very specific action. That one specific action depends on you and your business. You might want your visitors to sign up for your email list, request a free consultation, download a free piece of content, watch a video, register for an event or make a purchase.

With landing pages, you will capture leads for future marketing opportunities or drive sales for specific product or service. Most often landing pages do this by use of a few common features:

  1. A compelling headline that promotes the benefit of what you are offering
  2. A strong call to action usually in the form of 1 or more visible buttons
  3. No navigation bar or unnecessary links
  4. No distracting content like sidebars, adds or additional call to action

Marketers drive traffic to these pages using a wide variety of access points like paper click ads, social media content, email marketing, website links, and offline advertising and so on.

Few common types of landing pages are:

  1. Click- through page

Direct visitors to click through to your products via your CTA or call to action button. All through the click-through page typically bypasses using a lead form, these pages generally utilise benefit-oriented content and simple CTAs to encourage visitors to buy or use your products.

  1. Lead capture page

Lead capture pages manly intend to collect personal information like the visitors’ name and email address through contact forms that are carefully designed to encourage the visitor to provide their contact information. The contact form is the call to action and the heart of a lead capture page.

  1. Squeeze page

Specifically designed for a visitor to submit their email address in order to proceed further into the page. This strategy is an effective way for marketers to improve their email list and guide visitors further down the marketing line.

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