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6 Steps to Develop and Execute Web Content Strategy

The most important questions that should drive any content marketing strategy are, ‘ what is the business goal?’ and ‘ How can I keep my customers satisfied?’. Content marketing drives conversions because customers are more and more trying to learn about a brand through its content rather than its advertisements. A good content marketing strategy translates into an excellent return on investment (ROI). In this article, let’s read about the steps you can follow to develop and execute a web content strategy.


Define Your Goal

Understanding your goal is of immense importance, it helps you take the first step towards a successful content strategy. You will be able to measure your success by observing how much of your goal you have achieved. But make sure you have defined an attainable goal and try to reach that goal using various content marketing strategies.


Identify Your Audience

Identifying and understanding your audience is the next step necessary for a successful web content strategy. Analytics tools can be used to understand the customer demographics such as gender, age and residence. Creating a buyer persona, a fictitious individual representing your target audience will also help you gather insights on creating a compelling message.


Choose the Type of Content

Choosing the type of content becomes more straightforward once you identify your audience. You can find out where your target audience spends more time on your site. This is the type of content you need to produce more. Using videos in your web content strategy is a sure way to improve the traffic to the website, boost sales and provide a good return on investment. Blogging is another proven content strategy to increase traffic to websites and generate leads.


Create the Content

When creating content, you need to keep three things in mind, they are flow, a distinct voice and value. So, the content created should flow easily, it should the user an idea about the brand’s identity and personality and it should provide practical and specific information. The other elements of great web content are optimised titles, description tags, interesting topics, images, backlinks, clear calls to action, descriptive URLs, keywords and grammar.


Promote the Content

Another important part of web content strategy is content marketing and which is for promoting the content. The content you have produced can be shared on various digital media platforms. Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are the most used social media platforms. Email marketing is another widely popular content marketing strategy. A digital marketing expert can promote the content more effectively with proper strategies that are suitable for each platform.


Measure the Results

Measuring the user response to the content you have produced is essential for determining whether your content strategy was successful or not. Check whether there is any difference in the amount of traffic on your website and whether the customers spend more time on your site. It can also be measured by content shares, keyword rankings and lead generation. You can use analytics tools like google analytics for content analysis and optimisation. But it is important to monitor, test and repeat to reach a successful and working content strategy.

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