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How to use Google My Business to increase customer engagement?

How to use google my business to increase customer engagement

Before jumping into exactly how Google my business (GMB) works let’s see what exactly Google my Business is.
It is a platform for submitting a free business listing on Google. For any kind of business to maintain an online presence, there should be some kind of listing to mention their details. People often look at Google search first before even actually calling up to that place. So submitting your details is a crucial part of developing an online presence among your potential customers.
The basic information includes Name, address, website, hours, category, and phone number. Also, you can add reviews, FAQ, and photos. The purpose of adding additional information is to help people actually understand the genuineness of the business.


How does GMB help the business?

How does it help the business - google my business increase customer engagement

  • Google is the major search engine

Of all the search engines Google is the most important search engine and it is where most customers do nearby local searches. While major SEO experts speak on optimization they often talk about optimizing for Google search engines. This is because Google has the largest search market share among all other search engines.

According to data in April 2019 Google accounts for 88.47% of the global search engine market.

This means it is important for any business to have its presence on the Google search engine.

  • Google’s powerful search algorithm

Google has a hassle-free search mechanism where it gives correct and exact results to its customers as accurately as possible. Google provides Google ads that work on the basis of PPC (paid per click). It is because Google provides the best search results and that’s why a lot of customers trust Google and they come back each time.

  • Genuineness and credibility of your business

Google my Business focuses on generating reviews that add more trust for customers. When Google sees business with higher reviews and ratings they tend to give them higher placements in search results. This affects SEO and this is the major reason why even the SEO experts prefer to optimize Google search first. Moreover adding FAQs keeps the business engaging and customers know that the business is, in fact, active and they respond within a few hours. It increases the chance of your business showing up in search results.


What happens exactly after you set up your Google My Business?

Soon after you set up your Google My Business account customers will contact you soon either via phone or will visit your website. So it is important that you be prepared to answer their queries.

  1. Customers will reach you over their phone through call-to-click buttons. So it is important to set up an exceptional phone calling experience to make sure you have your customers in the loop.
  2. Optimizing your website is highly important because once customers come to know about your business they would at first instantly inspect your website. SEO optimization is highly recommended in all kinds of businesses.
  3. Google My business adds your website to industry-specific categories which means it would reach customers targeting the specific location.
  4. It gives a boost to a good local search strategy. Local search means the customer is looking for a nearby business. Now Google decides what business to show in nearby searches based on whether your business is listed in Google My Business.

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