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Build Your Social Media Marketing strategy for 2021 | For Every Business

facebook-lead-generation - Social Media Marketing strategy

Each social media platform has its uniqueness. In this article, we are going to break down the initial steps that you need to know about the four most engaging social media platforms of 2021, which are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin. Following the content below you could come up with certain strategies to initiate SMM for your Business and to leverage them efficiently.


Since the beginning of 2021, Facebook has transformed completely from simply connecting people around the world to a pay-to-play platform. The organic reach on Facebook business pages is too atrocious & dead but it’s still relevant.

So, what you need to be doing on Facebook in 2021?

It’s important just to have an active presence on Facebook.

✔ We recommend posting 2 to 3 times per week

✔ Post photos, products, listings, interesting things about your company, personal branding content and so on.

But all you need to keep in mind is that the organic reach isn’t going to be as expected today depending on how much you keep posting on Facebook. So if you are a brand new business you should be leveraging Facebook for generating leads.

“Facebook is a pay-to-play lead generation platform.”

Below is a screenshot here of the recent Facebook ad campaign that we ran for one of our clients where we could generate 1124 leads with a cost of INR 18 per lead and that was done last month.
So these are strategies that we execute for our clients across various business sectors in 2021. The leads and cost per lead usually differ from one sector to another.

All you need to start with Facebook lead generation.

These are some strategies we recommend you execute in 2021

Start running ads for INR 500 – INR 1000 a day on Facebook for generating leads.

✔And then you want to run retargeting ads for INR200-INR300/day

Retargeting is important to make sure that somebody who shows in your website or Facebook ad but hasn’t taken any action shall continue to see your ad. If you only have one touchpoint with your customer then the likelihood of conversion is less and whoever is the one reaching out to them, closest to the time of when they’re ready to buy or sell is the one that’s going to set that business.


Instagram can be your bread and butter if you use it well. People message you directly on Instagram even without you reaching out to them if you have your profile put out well.

How are you going to leverage Instagram in 2021?

There are two things that you should be doing actively on Instagram.

We recommend posting 2 to 3 times per week on your feed and this should be something related to general brand awareness.

You should do this well because there are people who are genuinely interested in your business and you can become their first point of contact. Use the 80/20 rule, 80 % should be you in the photo & 20% can be just typical photos of your business or product. Remember, Instagram is all about building a personal brand. A lot of people make the mistake of just turning their feed into the business magazine and that’s detrimental because we all know that people work with people only. Make sure that you have an opportunity to build the like, know and trust factor with your Instagram followers.

“Instagram is for personal branding”

The next and the most important thing with Instagram is leveraging stories. The story is like the raw uncut footage, the behind the scene footage, that everybody is curious about and you can treat or think of your feed as the finished product.

People are generating a high income from stories leveraging work ethic & style. It is also the best way for people to get to know you because it’s unfiltered.

So we recommend stories as the best way to build a deeper connection and ultimately trust and loyalty with your audience.

✔Stories should be done daily but don’t make it difficult on yourself.

Come up with something creative, unique, behind the scenes works in your office, if you’re out and walking with your family, walking your dog or going on a journey.

You can share stuff that inspires you while you listen to a podcast, read a book or watch a YouTube video.



How can you leverage YouTube to promote your business in 2021?

YouTube is a huge differentiator because of the fun fact that a lot of businesses are starting to use it but almost none of them are properly using it. If you want to properly leverage YouTube you have to understand exactly how to use tags, titles, descriptions and optimize content for local SEO. YouTube is the second most preferred search engine in the world after Google. With a proper YouTube SEO strategy, you can rank your videos within the top three results even if you are a brand new channel.

✔We recommend starting with a minimum of one video per week and then work your way up to the point where you’re putting out two videos a week actively.


LinkedIn Marketing Plans 2021

LinkedIn is a heavily underestimated and underutilized platform because a lot of people are still not aware of its power. It’s not only for professionals.

Well, the cool thing is that last year LinkedIn changed its algorithm and made it much more of a social sharing platform. It means that right now LinkedIn has the best and the highest organic engagement and reach of any social media platform. It is really powerful and they’re actually putting out more video elements in 2021.

So what should you be doing on LinkedIn?

✔You should be posting two to three times a week and this should be very similar content to Facebook.

You will find the Facebook content on your business page getting little to no reach and engagement but when the same content is tailored towards LinkedIn with a slightly revised description will get much greater reach in comparison.

So again this is how we would like to view each platform in 2021.

Lead generation for Facebook and this is how you get your leads extraordinarily cheap.

Instagram which is solely for building your brand and marketing.

You tube which is incredibly powerful for free SEO organic traffic

LinkedIn  which is massive for organic reach and building connections on a professional level

So hopefully that gives you some context of how properly you can leverage each social media platform in 2021.

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