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How to Maximize Conversions for Your Hotel Website?

Hotel Website Conversion Rate

If you own a hotel, most of your customers will book your services prior to the stay. This is usually done through call or online booking. Having a website for your hotel can increase visibility and let your customers find you online. There are different ways in which you can increase your online visibility and maximize conversions for your hotel website.

  • Ranking higher on search engine results for relevant keywords through SEO
  • Paid Ads and Promotions through SEM
  • Social Media Pages and Local directories
  • Referrals

There are many channels through which a user can find your website online but that doesn’t guarantee that they get your services and convert you into your customers. There are different ways in which you can ensure that all the leads that you get converts into customers.

Let us look at some ways in which you can ensure maximum conversion.


Build a Customer Persona

A buyer persona or customer persona is the personality of an ideal customer. It is created by identifying the specific needs and interests of customers that come to your hotel. You have to research and identify why people visit your locality? You can find answers to various questions like is your hotel in a popular tourist location or is it a busy city? Who are your customers? What services do they need? What is the age group of people who come and visit your hotel regularly? How many days do they stay? Answering all these questions will help you offer better services to your customers and highlight these on your website. 


Create a Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel helps you to identify the different stages of a customer’s journey and take appropriate steps at each stage. You can segment your audience on various levels and provide the right push for them to go to the next stage and convert. You can understand how your customers find you online, what actions they take online, how long they stay, and why they bounce; using analytics.


Optimize Your Website

This is the most crucial part of user conversions. Your website must be optimized for search engines and users alike. It should load fast and must be easy to use. The user should be able to easily navigate from one page to another without any friction. The website should have a stunning and attractive design that suits the customer’s persona. You should choose the design, typography, and colors of your website according to this. The website should also be technically optimized, and have good backlinks. It should also have a responsive design and should offer a mobile-friendly view.


Add Catchy CTAs

The Calls To Action plays an important role in conversions. Once a user is on the website, they should know what to do. Placing catchy and compelling CTAs can increase conversions. Think about what you want your customers to do. Should they call you and book an appointment or should they sign up for a form? Make sure that you place the right CTAs in your Ads and web pages.


Give Social Proof

Every online customer needs to trust that you can provide them the services that you claim on your website. So providing social proof is very important to convince and persuade the users to book your service. You have to add testimonials of happy clients on your website and reviews from the customers. Being present in local directories such as GMB, Bing Local Business will help you get visibility and allow your customers to add reviews and ratings about your hotel. This increases trustworthiness.


Use Content Marketing

Effectively using the right content marketing strategies at every stage of the marketing funnel can ensure conversions. You can provide a photo gallery with quality pictures of your rooms, lounges, suites, cafeteria, pool, lobby, and restaurant. You can provide videos and add customer videos and photos so that a user can get a complete idea of your services. Make sure that you provide enough local content on your website.


Add a Blogs

Blogs are part of content marketing but adding a blog to your website can generate more leads and keep your website relevant and updated. If your hotel is at a popular tourist spot, you can write about your locality and famous destinations and things to do. You can also write about housekeeping and other services that you provide. Make sure that you write blogs regularly so that customers always have something to read on-page.


Have Updated Social Media Pages

Keep your social media pages updated always. You can let your customers know about any changes, offers, services, etc post exciting pictures and videos and keep your customers engaged. Having lively social media pages can help you get a loyal customer base and also assist in brand building.


Customer Assistance and Chatbots

Make sure that you are always available for your customers. Always give correct contact information on your website and offer 24x 7 customer services. You can also use chatbots and pop-ups to have live conversations with your customers. Providing FAQs can also help as customers can easily find answers to general concerns.


Offers and Loyalty Marketing

Giving offers at the right time can create a lot of conversions. You can also make use of loyalty marketing by providing special offers to customers who choose your services regularly. Hyatt is an international hotel chain with one of the best loyalty marketing programs. You can customize offers and programs based on the scale of your hotel business.



Having a website for you is great but it does not ensure that you get more customers. You have to create the right strategies and tactics to get more customers to visit your website and get them to convert into loyal customers who take your services every time they are in town. There are different digital marketing strategies that you can use to increase conversions on your hotel website. You can use conversion rate optimization tools to identify the blocks in your website and fix them to enable more conversions. More than that you have to meet your customer’s expectations when they are visiting your hotel so that you can retain them and make them refer your services to the people they know.

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