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10 Proven High-Quality Link Building Strategies for 2021

The Internet is a network of web pages connected by links. If you have a website, you have links that connect each page in the website. These are called internal links. There might be links that connect your web pages to other websites. These are called outbound links. Similarly, other websites link to your website using Inbound links or backlinks. These are links that come to your website and you have practically no control over them. If a website decides you have something relevant to offer, they can give a link to your page. High-quality backlinks are backlinks from established websites in your business niche that have a very good domain authority or trust. These are an important page ranking factor for search engines like Google as the number and quality of backlinks shows how trustworthy the website is. If other websites think you are credible they can give you a dofollow link to your website notifying Google about your page. There are also nofollow backlinks that generate leads but do not contribute directly to your page ranking factors. Even nofollow backlinks from websites with good domain authority can help your online growth by getting traffic to your website. Links from blogging websites, social media, and even Wikipedia are nofollow. Earning high-quality backlinks from trusted sources can help in increasing your credibility, contribute to your brand building, increase on-page traffic, and help in ranking higher on the search result page.


How to Gain Quality Backlinks

Now that we have seen how important backlinks are to online growth, let us look at some ways in which you can earn natural high-quality backlinks. This process is called link building and is an important SEO tactic. It is essential for a business to have a good link-building strategy for Off-Page SEO and steady growth.

1. Research Competitors

Researching your competitors is the first step to link building. You can use different tools available online like Ahrefs and Moz to find out the backlinks on the websites of your competitors. This will help you understand what businesses in your niche are doing to build links. You can create a list of websites and forums through which you too can get high-quality backlinks and create a link-building strategy of your own.

2. Submit Press release

You can submit press releases whenever you are doing something new and engaging and let people know about it. Submitting press releases on online media can help get quality backlinks to your website. You can also use outreach programs to increase engagement.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most effective way for link building. People are always looking for fresh, interesting, and consumable content online. Content marketing can be done through various online platforms and you can use innovative infographics and other visual content that can grab the attention of the users and make your content interesting. If you offer unique and innovative useful content, other websites will want to link to you.

4. Social Networks

Social networks can be used to leverage your link-building strategies. You can use easy social sharing buttons and widgets and colored visuals that can attract the user’s attention and are easily shareable. You can also use marketing strategies like influencer marketing and interviews with experts in your field to reach out to more people. This can also aid in reaching webmasters that can give you high-quality backlinks.

5. Sponsorship

You can sponsor other websites and events or organize meetups and charities to get more reach and ask these websites to link back to you.

6. Subscribe and Submit Links To Niche Directories

Being part of a network that is specific to your business niche can help you meet other webmasters, connect and compete with them. You can ask your users to add reviews and ratings too.

7. Create and Submit Guides and Free ebooks

Submitting free educational and informative content like guides and e-books related to your niche can help build trust.

8. Blogging and Guest Posting

Blogging is a good way to write informative content that is interesting to the audience that you are targeting. Blogging is a strategy that has always been used for internal and external linking. You can also guest post articles on websites and forums with good domain authority and create natural backlinks.

9. Create Good Business Relationships

Creating good business relationships with other businesses doing business with you and connecting with them online can give you a lot of opportunities to get relevant backlinks. You can get other webmasters to be your co-marketing partners and even create joint press releases when you are doing something together.

10. Build a Network and Link to other Website

Building a network of supporters is the essence of link building. You can be part of associations doing businesses similar to yours and help each other grow. Link building is not a one-sided strategy. You have to create outbound links to other websites that you think are interesting and relevant.


What Not To Do When Link Building?

Links are very important for SEO as they show the trust that other websites have for your website. But, it is still only one of the page ranking factors. Over time, websites have given over importance to having backlinks and started doing various malpractices. Search Engines like Google have strict webmaster guidelines about backlinks or inbound links and can understand the context of the links. So, such malpractices called blackhat techniques will lead to damage to your website. Common black hat techniques used in link building are:

  • buying and selling links
  • bartering links by asking for inbound links in exchange for outbound links to their websites
  • Asking or begging others to give backlinks baselessly
  • Bribing bloggers and other webmasters for backlinks
  • Commenting on websites with links in it



Link building is all about creating an ever-growing network of supporters for your business and building quality relationships with others online. There are many ways in which you can strategically do link building to increase traffic on your website and to get high rankings on SERP. Always remember to monitor the backlinks on your page and focus on getting high-quality backlinks instead of high quantity backlinks. Stay away from black hat practices and create a healthy SEO strategy that involves link building. Work on the existing links on your page and fix broken links.


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