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Why is Keyword Research Important in SEO?

importance of keyword research in seo

Understanding Keyword Research

Anyone who has heard about Digital Marketing and SEO will also have heard about keyword research. The emphasis on keyword research is so much that sometimes you think that it is overrated. To get a proper perspective, let us understand what keywords are all about. We are living in the digital world where half of the world’s population is accessible through online platforms and that is a very large number of people. All these people search on search engines, social media, and other online platforms for things they need every day. That means billions of searches all over the world every day. The intention of these searches might be informational or commercial. The words or phrases that people type into the search bar are called keywords. With the coming of digital platforms, marketing has evolved into different digital forms. These keywords that people use are goldmines for businesses because of the value of the data that they offer. Analyzing these data can give a lot of insights and open new business opportunities for businesses. So it is no wonder that keyword research is where SEO begins.


Why Should You Do Keyword Research?

Why should you do keyword research? - importance of keyword research in seo

You should not just do keyword research, you have to do it extensively. Why? For the reasons given below and more.

Understand your Audience

Who is your audience? The people to whom you want to market your products and services to are called your target audience. How can you find what their interest is, what they are looking for and how to market to them? Well, you could look at their search history. But you can’t and it would be too much trouble to look at the search history of thousands of people. So, Keyword research can help you save a lot of time in gaining insight into what your target audience is looking for. You can even get the exact words and phrases they are looking for.

Gain Clarity in User’s Search Intent

User’s search intent means what a user is expecting to find exactly when they are searching for something online. A person searching for raspberry Pie might be looking to know what it is or to buy one or find its recipe. Identifying long-tailed keywords can help you find exactly what people are looking for when they want your services and products. Understanding search intent can help you create the right mix of short and long-tailed keywords to rank for.

On-Page SEO

Keyword research is the first step to on-page SEO. SEO helps you to get organic traffic by ranking higher on the search results page for keywords that are relevant for you. So finding keywords that are relevant, with high search volume, and easier to rank for are very important. Keyword research helps you to find these and optimize your page based on these keywords. Using wrong keywords can cost you a lot of time and money. So doing proper keyword research before SEO is very important.

Understand Your Competitors

With the right keywords, you can find out who your competitors are. You can understand what your competitors are doing and what they are offering to customers. You can draw strategies that will help you provide better services to the customers based on it. You can also find other keywords that they are ranking for and do proper competitive analysis.

Create the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

To grow your business online, you need a clear digital marketing strategy. Your digital marketing strategy should reach your target audience and you have to do it right. The first thing you need to do before creating a strategy is to understand what your prospective customers are looking for and where you can find them online. This will allow you to formulate the right tactics for each segment of your online audience. You can use keyword research to find out this and create a blueprint for your digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

You might have heard the saying that content is the king many times. It shows how providing engaging and consumable content can create and nurture leads online and aid in the growth of your business. To provide compelling and interesting content to your audience, you need to find what they are interested in. Keyword research can help you find the most relevant topics for creating videos and writing blogs that can attract and engage users.

Getting Ahead with Local SEO

Around 40 percent of the searches are for local services and products. So you need to find the keywords that are more relevant in your locality. You can conduct keyword research based on your geographical location and pinpoint popular keywords that are related to your business based on that. Search engines like Google and Bing promote local businesses and with the right keywords and local SEO strategy you can grow online.


How to do Keyword Research Effectively?

How to do keyword research efficiently? - importance of keyword research in seo

Search Engine Suggestions

Search Engines like Google and Bing show popular search suggestions while we are looking for something online. This can let you gain insights into user queries related to your products, services, and business. 



Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that gives answers to all our questions and it is a very good place to look for variations of keywords, related keywords, and know more about your services and products.


Keyword Research Tools

There are many keyword research tools that are both paid and unpaid which offer many services like monthly average search volume, competition or Keyword difficulty, highest bids for Ads, variations of keywords, the keywords that your website is ranking for, competitor’s keywords, user search intent, etc. Some popular keyword research tools are:

Google Ads Keywords Planner (Free)

Ahref (Paid)

SEMrush (Paid)

Moz Keyword Explorer (Paid)

Uber Suggest (Paid)


Google Search Console

If you have linked your website with Google Search Console, it will help you understand what keywords are you ranking for and optimize accordingly. Google console also gives insights into the number of impressions and clicks that you get for a keyword and also allows you to identify negative keywords that you do not want to rank for.


Google Trends

Google trends help you to identify the most popular keywords at the time such as seasonal keywords, trend predictions, search volume, temporary keywords, relevant topics, etc.



Digital marketing and SEO have evolved a lot over years. There are different digital marketing tactics and optimization techniques now. But, the importance of keywords has only increased. Finding the right mix of long and short keywords to rank for is really important in SEO and SEM. Search Engines Algorithms are also becoming more sophisticated with machine learning and natural language processing to find the right intent behind each search. With voice search integrated with becoming mainstream, keyword research has become even more prominent. Keyword research has to be more user-centric, more focused, and more efficient in the days to come to address the needs of users.

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