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How to get google to crawl your site

How to get google to crawl your site

  1. URL inspection

It’s a new name for the fetch and render in the old search console. What it actually does is, it helps our content get indexed quicker by adding it into the priority crawl queue. We give a direct request to the google to crawl our pages. Thus it gets crawled and indexed quicker. Google also provides a lot of tools to get indexed quicker.

  1. Sitemaps

By adding sitemap information at the end of the robots.txt file, we can tell Google the location of the sitemaps. Further, we can use the sitemap report feature in the new search console. Using this we can add or remove sitemaps.

Another method is to ping Google. For example, consider a website with sitemap https://xyz.com/sitemap.xml. We need to type in the following format https://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=https://xyz.com/sitemap.xml. By doing this our sitemap will be submitted to the list of sitemaps Google already has to crawl.

The following methods can be used to index content and to get our content gets ranked as well.

  • Updating content

Content freshness is very important for Google. Google ranks pages that have recently updated content. So it’s quite useful if we update the old contents and give a link to the updated content from the old content.

  • Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing not only increases traffic to your content but also improves the ranking of those pages. Social media shares are the best way to quickly improve content visibility. We can also use social media advertising platforms to boost content visibility and drive lots of traffic as well.

    Bonus Tip

Bonus is a tricky method. We usually share direct URL to our page in social media or elsewhere. Instead, type in our keywords in Google and share the results page. This gives Google an illusion that users find the answer on our webpage for the keyword we want. In simple terms, we are generating clicks to our content page from Google itself.

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