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Google my business ranking factors

It is very important for google my business ranking factors to increase visibility locally. Locally based businesses looking to be found by local clients need to be in the Google my business and is how you get into the map section when you do a Google search.

The importance of being in the Google my business

It is above the organic search.

Smartphone user can get the phone number with a click, view the website if wanted to, can get the directions to the business and even see the reviews. This is all in one place on the maps versus bouncing around the website to get all the information needed.

Easiest way to start ranking your Google my business

Ranking organically is great, but in most cases when you start out on business you are going to want to rank on the maps first because you are likely going to be ending up in the sandbox organically. The sandbox is the place where Google puts their new sites right after they are made.

  • Optimise your Google my business location with pictures of your location.
  • Build high-quality citations to the Google my business with the correct name, address, the phone number that is matching what is on your Google my business location. It is really important that you have consistency with your name, address, phone number. So if your Google my business is street, but your citation on another site says different, you have to make sure that those two match up.
  • Review generation strategy. Create content around your niche, take that content and then distribute it to people, capture those people whom you are distributing to and ask them to review your site.

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