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When and How to Use the Google Disavow Tool

Do you have problems with bad backlinks affecting your website’s SEO?

Google ranks a website based on the quality of backlinks on the site. If you have links to your site violating the quality guidelines, your page rank can go down. Google disavow tool allows you to tell Google to remove certain links or domains pointing towards your site. It is very basic for an SEO or  Search Engine Optimiser to know when and how to use the Google Disavow Tool.

When to use Google Disavow Tool

The main purpose of Google Disavow tool is to hinder bad or low-quality incoming links to your site. It can be used during the following situations:

  • Manual penalty

This is the foremost reason to why Google created disavow tool. If your site receives a manual penalty, use the disavow tool.

  • Algorithmic penalty

Google disavow tools should be used when your site encounters with an algorithmic penalty as the harmful backlinks might be the reason for a fall in the traffic during an algorithmic change.

  • Routine link check up

If you have a lot of links coming to your site for unrelated keywords or if you feel like someone is trying to do negative SEO, you can use the disavow tool to tell Google to remove those links or the domain as a whole.

How to use Google Disavow Tool

When you use the Google disavow tool there are certain points you have to keep in mind. Try to remove the harmful backlinks by contacting the webmasters of the offending sites.  If there is no response after a week then follow the steps below:

1.First, create a .txt file encoded in UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII that contains the list of links or domain you want to disavow. Below is the sample of a disavow file for your reference.

2.Write only one link per line.

3.Include domain at the beginning of the URL, e.g., domain:harmfullink.com.

4.Start your text that you do not want to disavow with #.

5.Go to disavow link tool page. Login with your Google search console account. Select your site and upload the file you have created. The previously uploaded file shall be replaced with the new one you upload.

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