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Is there a Correlation between Email Marketing and SEO?

Both email marketing and search engine optimization have been used by companies as a digital marketing strategy to connect with people.There indeed is a connection between the two and companies can take advantage of it to optimize their digital marketing strategies.

Can one serve as a catalyst for the other?

Now as you may already have an idea on email marketing and seo , let’s cut straight into the correlation.

Keyword Research

The primary task that one has to do whether it is SEO or PPC is ‘keyword research. You need to find keywords that are relevant and are more likely to be searched for. Over the years Google has updated its algorithms to make sure that people get the most relevant search contents. So instead of showing contents to an exact match, google matches content to the search intent.

Email marketing is of course one of the cost-effective strategies to reach a wide audience. But it is not about reaching a wide audience, rather how many conversions are there from the lot. Customers receive hundreds of emails a day and the only reason for them to open your mail will be to a subject line that catches their attention. A simple email survey can help you understand the customers and their intent.

Before sending out your email, you can always run a PPC campaign and then collect the data from it. Select the one that had the highest CTR and use them while composing your email campaign. In this way, instead of guessing, you are making an informed campaign that has a better chance of conversion. The reverse ,wherein you checks email CTR to find keyword for SEO is also possible. Feedback back is a two-way street here.

Blog Post

Blogs are a great way to share relevant content and engage customers. When you have a high-quality email list, these customers are already interested in your business, so they might also be interested in relevant content from your blogs. Now consider you are in the mid-phase of your SEO campaign wherein you have not reached that sweet spot in SERP. But you have an active blog that is producing quality content. This means there are a lot of customers who are missing out on your content. A targeted email campaign mentioning these blogs can not only retain the existing customers but also increase potential conversions from new leads.

User experience

There are so many ways in which you can understand whether a user is having a seamless experience from your website. Bounce rate, Average session duration, etc are all indicators from which we can conclude. But direct a feedback from the user itself is worth everything. A survey from the user on what particular problem they faced on your website is worth debugging and can certainly help with your SEO.


Feedbacks are extremely important no matter what business you are in. And when it is directly coming from the customers,you can without the blink of an eye trust the source. Email surveys are great ways to know how happy your customers are. For example, with the help of customer feedback, you can easily identify the content gaps in your website and use the information to create quality content to drive in more traffic.

So although you may find both email marketing and seo to be two different strategies, there is a direct correlation between them. One can certainly work without the other but, combining them in the right way can certainly elevate your marketing strategy.

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