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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Not Miss In 2022

digital marketing

Marketing is the art of bringing productive traffic to your business. These days, most of these activities are performed online, through online platforms and digital tools. The Internet plays a crucial role in bringing profit to a business in 2022. From TikTok to Instagram, platforms, where people reside, are acting as great resources of traffic, income and brand-building efforts.


New Ways Of Doing Business


Cookies and Tracking

From Google’s decision to say goodbye to third party cookies next year to Facebook rebranding itself to Meta ( believe me, it is more than a change in name ) the digital platforms that we rely on every day are going through drastic changes both in terms of operation and policy.

Mozilla Firefox and Safari are doing their best to kill modes of info tracking as we know it. Together, these giants control the way data flows in and out of a business on the internet and how much analytics you can gather about customers and visitors interacting on your platforms.

Focus is slowly shifting to methods of collecting data like surveys, direct feedback, direct interaction etc.


NFT & Cryptocurrencies

We cannot ignore that people and even governments are spending a lot of time listening to words like NFT, cryptocurrencies and other methods that were considered useless a couple of years ago. Products are sold in ways that we never imagined before and transactions are handled by modes that were so unconventional in 2021.

The ways governments are going to handle these modes of digital conversations, both product-wise and the monetary aspect is something that you should keep a keen eye on. China has already been bullish on its policies regarding cryptocurrencies and the related ecosystems. The reasons normally discussed range from global warming to money laundering. India is another prominent market where cryptocurrencies are facing strict regulations from the central bank and policy bodies. That is ⅓ rd of the world’s population going against digital currencies and their established modes of transaction.


Artificial Intelligence 

It is important to collect data. But it is equally important to gain intelligence from it. Gone are the days where MS Excel sheets helped you with analysis. Because the kind of data that is collected these days is way more complex than what we had a couple of years ago.

In 2022, we are seeing a strong trend towards embracing AI and ML for data collection and analysis. Machine learning is establishing itself as a reliable tool for high level data analysis and prediction.


Targeted Marketing

It is really hard to win hearts with generic messages. Personalisation is one of the new trends that is gaining pace rapidly in 2022. Provide tailored content that is relevant to the user. Try custom messages, suggestions etc that have cultural and regional significance. It would be a bad idea to show content in French to a user from Spain. Other areas of focus have been language, gender, age group, local trends and more.

Be ready to greet a returning visitor with relevant data. Make use of tools and technologies that will help focus on creating an invisible profile that allows personalised suggestions which are more relevant to the user or you can reach out to the best digital marketing agencies


Assure User Privacy

Privacy has been a buzzword for a while. But direct measures are being taken all over the world to ensure that user privacy is respected on online platforms. Strict legal measures like GDPR and other local data protection measures have given rise to cookie consent, the ability to forget a user if they wish to, provide all data related to a user when requested and more.

It is more than just complying with the legal restrictions. If, as a business or a service, you are not ready to respect a user’s privacy, that is not going to help in the long run. 2022 demands effective measures so that a visiting customer is greeted with a reliable privacy policy.

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