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Digital marketing for travel industry

Travel Industry is a booming business field. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the travel industry has contributed 10.4 % To the world GDP. So imagine its impact on the world economy in the coming years.

Now with the increase in the opportunities presented by the sector the competition has gone high. Everyone is moving away from traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing strategies to empower their business. The power of the internet has touched every field including the Travel Sector. The travel industry was the first among many businesses to implement digital marketing to increase sales.

Why should digital marketing be incorporated in the travel industry?

The boom in technology has made everything delivered to your doorsteps with a simple touch of your finger. Planning to take a vacation? Google on available flights on the date you need, pick your choice of flight and book the tickets by transferring the fare through internet banking. Everything is done in a matter of a few minutes. If you want to book a hotel at your destination, simply known about the entertainment and must-see places where everything is available at your fingertips. If your business has an online presence, you may be the prefered travel website the customer chooses to make their travel plans. For the very reason, digital marketing needs to be incorporated in the travel sector.

Advantages of digital marketing in the travel Agency

Here are the main advantages of digital marketing in the travel sector:

  • Generate Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase Visibility

1. Generate Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a very important factor that drives customer decision and interest to choose your travel industry to make their travel plans. Online media is a major influence to build or break a brand for the sole reason that every single person is so active on the internet through social media platforms, review forums and your services are accessible to look up from anywhere. Digital marketing can help you build brand awareness by implementing the following strategies:

Social Media

Every known person is active on social media. Travel Business could use social media to market their services to a larger audience. You could include visual representations like videos and photographs so that the potential customers understand and get attracted to your business and hire you for your service. Social media platforms offer customers directly interact with you. The one – one interaction builds the customer relationship which earns you their trust. Once you become a trusted brand, you become the first choice.

Social media platforms are a great space for previous customers to share their experience they had with your company. If you deliver quality services, you are sure to get the best reviews which have a great influence on potential customer decision on choosing your company or not. Brand reviews have become like a word of mouth or direct suggestion from family or friend.

Social Media Ads can be used to promote a post that presents your services to potential customers with attractive prices. If these posts are promoted through paid Ads, you reach out to a bigger audience and pull in more customers.

Social Media Influencers are a very good way to increase your brand value for the simple reason that humans are inspired and fan crazed. People have the simple idea that if a popular person is the face of your brand, then you are a reliable and quality brand. You can cash in this logic to your advantage.

2. Lead Generation

Lead generation is a powerful strategy to get more potential visitors who can be converted to customers. It is a collective process of understanding customer preferences, bringing in traffic to your website, then spotting potential leads and converting them to customers. Now according to the Inbound report of HubSpot, its number one priority of marketers to convert leads to customers.

So let’s look into some ways to rob in leads:

Content Marketing

As per a survey conducted by Demand Gen Report, 47% of potential leads go through content related to businesses before even getting in touch with your business representative to hire your service. So quality content engages the quality audience who will be interested enough to visit the website. Content is a powerful lure for the travel industry. So keep posting pictures, videos and blogs about the destinations, hotels and views you take your customers too. This gives them a virtual feel of stuff they will be experiencing real time. Promote your content on all social media platforms to get better reach among the audience. According to the pie chart given below 6.3% of quality leads come from content marketing.


Paid Social Ads

Social Media very important source for lead generation. The right platform gives you quality leads you to require. Social Media Ads are can be used to generate leads and remarketing campaigns to drive leads to your sales funnel. Each time a visitor sees the Ad they will be directed to your website. The social media Ads are also cost-effective and high ROI.

3. Increase Visibility

A survey conducted by WordStream shows that 72% of the potential audience who searched for a service related to your firm, has visited the firm. Travel business has a high chance of pulling in more customers by simply optimizing their website so that they are visible to the right audience. Let’s look into some ways by which we could increase your online brand visibility.

Local SEO

Travel business uses local SEO for their websites, their Google ranking increases which draw in quality leads. By getting their website optimized for local locations, by getting listed in Yelp, Google My Bussiness etc, they are easily available for customers to locate.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as a trusted source of real-time experience of a user about your service. If you are able to leave reviews on third-party platforms, other potential leads will feel the interest to visit your website and eventually become your customers.

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