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Things you need to know about Content Marketing Strategies in 2021

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Content Marketing in the Digital Age

Who doesn’t like stories? We all tell each other stories every day. Amazing stories can capture the attention of people. Content Marketing is the buzzword now but do you know that it has always been so. Ad copywriting in traditional marketing is also content marketing because you have to write some short compelling and engaging content that catches the attention of people. So, content marketing can be simply stated as the art of creative storytelling through various formats and channels to attract and engage an audience. With the digital age, different forms of marketing have evolved but content is still the king when it comes to marketing. Because whatever digital marketing strategy you use, you have to provide consumable and interesting content to get the right information to your users. You can persuade and influence people with the right stories and it facilitates inbound marketing. There are various digital platforms through which you can reach your audience. So creating and curating valuable, authentic, unique, and engaging content for various channels is a major challenge in content marketing.


What is the Importance of Content Marketing?

Half of the world’s population is online and is looking for quality content that interests them. The amount of content or data generated on online platforms every day is staggering. But, people are looking for fresh content that engages them. This offers opportunities for businesses to create unique content and tell their stories to people. This allows you to find an audience who wants to know more about you. Content marketing allows you to

  • Generating More Leads

Creating Brand awareness and generating more leads is the first objective of content marketing. You can make a great first impression using amazing Ads, blogs, or videos. Writing and curating content that attracts users like catchy CTAs is important.


  • Boosting Conversions

Customers do a lot of research online once they are interested in the products and services that you offer. They evaluate your services and compare them with competitors. Through content marketing, you can provide convincing content that builds trust like case studies to boost conversions.


  • Speeding Up the Buyer’s Cycle

A buyer’s cycle is a customer’s journey from knowing about your brand to deciding to buy your products or services. You need good content marketing strategies at each stage to provide appropriate and convincing content that can persuade the customer to choose you and speed up the purchase cycle.


  • Building Relationships with customers

Building long-lasting relationships with customers is the key to brand building. Regular, consumable, quality content needs to be provided through various channels to retain customers and build strong relationships with them. Several content marketing strategies like Email marketing, social media marketing, etc. can aid in creating meaningful relationships with customers.


  • Creating Brand Value and Customer Communities

Content marketing can help in the growth of your brand. Providing quality, valuable and reliable content through various channels can increase authority and visibility. This increases brand values. You can use content marketing to create and engage customers in customer communities and make them stay loyal to your brand.


Different Types of Content Marketing Strategies

We have already said that content marketing is basically efficient and effective storytelling. There are many ways in which you can tell your story to your customers. Content marketing can be done through different channels like social media, websites, blogs, case studies, press releases, books, magazines, etc. Let us look at some popular content marketing tactics.


Infographics are easy-to-understand images or charts that use minimal texts and graphics to give an outline of a topic. It provides a graphic visual representation using attractive and engaging visuals and graphics. Infographics can be used to clearly convey a piece of information quickly to your consumers. These can attract attention and compel users to spend more time and can also make them want more from you.



Video marketing is the most popular form of content marketing as consumers prefer to watch videos over other forms of content. Video marketing has gained popularity with social media sites and video platforms like YouTubes. Creating engaging and compelling videos can give you very fast growth online.



Blogs help in providing relevant and informative content to customers. You can share your opinions, talk about your services and products and create a brand personality. People are always looking for fresh, unique, informative, engaging, and shareable content to read.


Paid Ads

Online platforms offer various ways to post Ads. When advertising online, you can target a specific audience and can write catchy Ad Copies, CTAs and use images that create interest in users.


Social Media 

Social Media helps to give a human face to your brand. You can connect with your customers, talk to them, get their feedback and use different forms of content to target the different sections of the audience that you have. Social Media platforms are also used for viral marketing.



Podcasts can be made for any topic and users can listen to them anytime they want and even while they are doing other chores. This makes podcasts easy, consumable capsules of information, and very popular for any type of topic.


How to Create the Right Content Marketing Strategy?

Every business has its own set of audiences with specific interests and needs. This is why you need to create the right content marketing strategy for your business. To create the perfect content marketing strategy for your business, you need to

  • Research 

You have to research your audience and find what they need from you. You should find their topic of interest, platforms they are using, relevant keywords, etc. You can also analyze your competitors and find what they are doing.

  • Curate

Once you have identified the audience, formats of content that is right for them, and the channels to use, you need to curate content for these. You have to use relevant keywords, trending topics that might be of their interest. Make sure that you have clarity in conveying exactly what you want your customers to understand.

  • Publish

Publish the right content through the right channels at the right time. This is important for lead generation and nurturing. Provide what your customers are looking for and lead them to your business.

  • Promote

You have to use different online channels to promote your content so that it reaches maximum people. You can run social media campaigns to give more visibility to the content that you have created.

  • Analyze

Your content marketing strategy needs to be analyzed to find out whether it is providing the desired results. You can use different analytics tools to find out what is working and what is not.

  • Optimize

Once you analyze your content marketing strategy, you can optimize your content to make it work. You have to keep it fresh and relevant. You can also use new and better content marketing strategies according to the changing content trends.



Providing the right content at every stage of a buyer’s journey can help in creating more leads, nurturing the leads and increasing conversions. One thing to take care of when it comes to content marketing is ensuring continuous delivery of content. This is important in staying at the top of their mind always. Content marketing offers tremendous opportunities to Digital Marketing. Businesses have to research and identify the interests and needs of their target audience and provide content that is right for them. Get the right content marketing strategy from our digital marketing experts for faster growth online.

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