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Blog Development

We offer professional blog set up services that keep your audience interested in your website and services. As said “Keep Them Reading. Get Them Talking”. Be sure that if you have a special blog, your fans will share your website for free which will achieve you wide expansion. As a logical result, high traffic and high sales rate.

Thinking About Starting Your Own Blog?

Blogging is one of the most effective to communicate and spread information online. There are millions of blogs online and every day you waste without getting started with a blog doesn’t count for your business progress.

Be An Inspirational Leader In Your Niche And Positively Influence Your Audience.

here are a lot of people who make a lot of money from blogging. It’s obvious. Write about what you know, your business and what you are passionate about to start with. But you should have an idea in mind to earn from your blog, you can do this using AdSense, affiliate, products, eBooks etc. As much as the effort you put in the work, you will get your rewards.

Blogging is one of the marketing channels that can lead you to the person or company that has the potential to be your client. It will drive customers where you need them to reach and can provide you with quality leads whether people who want to work for you or with your company, you can gain all of that just If they read one of your posts.
Many people use their blog as a shop window for their services. Instead of sending in a traditional CV to potential employers, people now use blogs to show off their skills and attributes. Be creative on your blog and it will show more of your soul than a typical, cold PDF CV.

Blog development TechPullers
Blog development TechPullers

How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform For Your Condition?

The blogging platform is the system used to manage your blog. It let you create blog pages, add content, images, video and any other content, the circle is very large when updating your blog.

There is another name for a blogging platform which is a CMS (Content Management System). At TechPullers we will help you to install your own blog, with designs and features you need and will help you to join it with your website. There are a lot of different open source platforms which are popular with most web hosting companies including us. You can choose from the following platforms or others. We can have a discussion about the features of each one and will advise you with the best for your case.

WordPress –is the most popular blogging platform now which defined as the most customizable content management system (CMS) in the world.

Ghost –a new blogging platform that creates a lot of noise in the blogosphere.

Drupal –is quite popular but is difficult for beginners.

Joomla –another quite popular CMS but has a very steep learning curve.